Educating Young Engineers Grants

Grant Process: 

Educating Young Engineers is able to donate supplies to schools, clubs, and organizations for engineering activities. We are unable to give monetary funds, however if you fill out the grant application and identify the supplies that you need we will review the application and do our best to help gather the supplies needed for engineering activities!

The criteria for grant applications to be fulfilled is the school or organization must demonstrate financial need, must have taken steps towards the creation of elementary engineering programs and must intend to use the materials once a week. 

Grants are evaluated, and fulfilled twice yearly, once during the spring, and once during the fall. 

  • The spring cycle of grants must be submitted by May 1st, 2016 and applicants will be notified of our decisions by June 1st. 
  • The fall cycle of grants must be submitted by October 1st, and applicants will be notified of our decision by November 1st. 

Finally if your school or organization is selected and you receive the grant, EYE will request that you  provide feedback of how the program you established is progressing and how the materials are being used via monthly feedback reports.