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After exploring the new frontier a group of lego people decide they want to build a new town! Working together as one big team plan (and build) a town for the lego people!

Engineering Goals:

  • Teamwork - getting the group to share and collaborate ideas
  • Architecture - What is necessary for building support, also how to make the eyes aesthetically pleasing
  • City Planning - how towns are set up and what buildings should go next to each other, also what is necessary for the town
  • Design process- the children should draw out their designs prior to building

Leader instruction/tips:

  • Share westward expansion with the students and how people had to build cities from nothing
  • Brainstorm things that belong in a town (ex. Hospital, police station, fire station, houses, townhall/city center, shops, park, library, factory…)
  • Make sure that children are working together and including everyone
  • Have students review they city and share changes they would make (revision process)