EYE LEGO Engineering Design Challenge: Musical Monsters

Challenge: This LEGO Club challenge involves combining ideas to create an elaborate monster! To do this every young engineer starts by building their own monster while music plays in the background. Then when the music stops everyone must pass their monster to the left. When the music begins again, kids add onto a fellow LEGO Club member's design. At the end every monster will be unique because of the combination of ideas.

Engineering Goals:

  • Ideation techqniques are ways that engineers brainstorm and come up with crazy and innovative ideas. One ideation technique involves the passing off of ideas to other people and seeing how they add on to those ideas. This challenge gives students the opportunity to participate in this ideation technique in a fun silly way!

Leader Instructions/Tips:

  • Discuss the idea of "ideation techniques" with students  before completing the challenge 
  • At the end, ask if any of the monsters turned out how students thought they would when they started building them.